Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Kick-off & How to Pack Light

It's now December, three months since I returned from my trip, and about time that I share the experience with you.  It was grand!   

There is just something about the anticipation of a trip that gives you a thrill before you even step out the door.  For me, that sensation coupled with procrastination and a bit of OCD left me restless and leaving for a trek across Europe with little more than two hours of sleep.  And on my first flight, in my window seat, where I usually drift away without hesitation, I sat ready for the adventure to come.  Carrying in my backpack a month's worth of attire to brave me through mid 50 to high 90-degree weather, a continent full of history, new friendships and adventure- I was hoping that my packing was smart!

Before telling you all about the trip, I want to let you know how I did it, with nothing more than this backpack and a purse.

My tips to packing
  • Match everything as much as possible
  • Bring simple pieces and add style with accessories
  • Learn to wash, at least your undergarments, by hand
  • Bring clothes that can be layered to work in different temperatures
  • Think about where you plan to go, and where you don’t.  Dress appropriately
  • Don’t forget the stuff that matters: soap, toothbrush, passport, addresses, etc…

Lessons learned
  • You will need to refill 3 oz bottles of shampoo and conditioner during a month long trip- still  worth it not to have to check your bag every flight
  • They will enforce the little baggie rule at the airport- but it’s OK, you can buy more toothpaste
  • Bring more than one pair of earrings- you will lose one or both
  • If you don’t think you are going to meet young people and go party you are wrong- bring a sparkly shirt or something easy to dress up your look :)

Now that our bags are packed, it's time for the real adventure.  
Coming soon- the UK!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My blog and Recorded Adventure #1

From here you can follow me on my travels, and right now, on my first European adventure!  This solo euro-trip will cover a good portion of Western Europe in the duration of one month.  Though what originally seemed like a good amount of time, now feels like a weekend with all that I plan to see and do while on this voyage.

August 23rd - September 21st


Stay tuned...